Thursday, May 28, 2009


I lay in bed last night disgusted with my self absorbed ways. I live in a world starving for hope and afflicted with despair and I spend my time worrying about what I will wear and what my next opportunity for entertainment will be. I live in a society where it is acceptable and the norm to consume on a daily basis. We pay $5 for a coffee with steamed milk, fancy flavored sugar, and foam. We check our email and facebook accounts on our apple computers and concern ourselves with what the rich and famous are doing each day. We don’t think twice about the millions who cannot afford to eat or who don’t have a pillow or safe place to spend the night. Most of us will never understand what it is like to be sold into slavery, or considered to be an “untouchable”, or have to flee our home for safety only to realize that we may not survive the journey across the border. I heard a sermon last week on the sin of sloth which is not necessarily laziness but the sin of being indifferent. I live a life of indifference on a fairly regular basis and I live in a culture that is indifferent. Indifferent and numb to the lives of others, indifferent to a hurting world, and indifferent to trying to make a change.

One of my friends is going overseas in the next few days. She will spend some time working with the Dalit Freedom network in India. The Dalit are the “untouchables” of the caste system in India. They have spent their lives being told that they are worthless. If a Dalit shadow touches a member of an upper caste system that person has been polluted according to the caste rules.

Here is a video describing the refugee situation in Athens.

These are a desperate people without hope, without freedom, and without God.

We are living in a time when we cannot afford to be indifferent. I know that I desire to no longer be indifferent. I have consistently prayed that God will not allow me to apathetic in the way I live my life and in my relationship to Him. I know that God has called me to go to Athens and work with refugees who currently have no hope. I continue to move towards that goal. Thank you for walking with me each step of the way

I am only one, but still, I am one. I cannot do everything but I can do something. And, because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do what I can. Edward Everett Hale

"Love does not look away. And it does not walk away. It involves itself. It inconveniences itself. It indebts itself."

-Ken Gie